Carelessly Pushing Strike Cars Can Damage Engines

Have you ever driven a car, then the car suddenly died suddenly alias broke down? The usual first step is to push the car to the shoulder or a safe place. But it turns out the car broke down can not be driven. Pushing a manual transmission car isn’t too difficult, but you need help from others because there has to be one person at the wheel. After finding help, the first thing to do is find a straight path. Then position the car in living conditions. Then insert gear 1 and press the clutch pedal. Hold the clutch pedal while starting to push the car. After the car is running fast enough, remove the clutch pedal. Usually, the car will start immediately and step on the gas pedal to taste. If the car does not start, immediately contact the crane or the nearest repair shop. You can also use towing services . When the automatic car broke down, the way it was pushed was different like a manual transmission car.

If the automatic car broke down on the road and had to be moved to a safe place, it could be pushed, as long as the distance was not far. Also, the car should only be driven in a neutral position or N transmission, because if it is not neutral it can cause enormous friction and cause damage to the metal driving the car transmission. If the distance is far away, it helps the car towed by towing. Try to use a large towing and the car in a neutral position and the driving tire does not rotate, for example, a car using a rear-wheel drive, then raised in towing is the rear wheel, but the towing distance must be less than 15km. Pushing or towing over long distances can potentially damage the vehicle components starting from the gearbox, torque converter, and planetary gear.

These components can be worn and damaged because when the wheels are spinning, the rotating transmission components do not get good lubrication because the hydraulic oil pump only works to spit out oil when the car’s engine is running. To be safer, you can use a towing model so that there is no tire contact with the asphalt.

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