Contemporary Modern Concept House With A Wooden Exterior

The beautiful and shady house has always been everyone’s dream, especially for those who live in crowded urban areas. For the sake of realizing this atmosphere certainly requires intelligence and creativity in choosing a design that supports. One of the favorite alternative designs for example is the matching mix between modern and contemporary concepts. Naturalist concept housing by highlighting the elements of wood, especially on the exterior of the house is the right option. Long pieces of wood became the main characteristic that binds the outer wall. Overall the look of the house looks so beautiful. For wood painting, we can rely on warhol paintings.

1. One with nature
Wood elements bind almost the entire outside of the house. The construction of the house seems to blend with nature even though the interior is built with modern and elegant concepts. Plants in the yard which is located in the middle of the residence gives a shady effect when the heat is intense. While the water element in a swimming pool will help lower the temperature and make the residents more relaxed. Residential houses or offices with a concept like this will be a very suitable place to unwind and tired.

Although the wood element has dominated the exterior, the plants on the green balcony complement the naturalist element in the form of live wood throughout the dwelling.

2. Roofs, walls, and floors
The floors, walls, and ceiling of this residential wood add to the thickness of the natural element in the corner of the edge of the pool. Wooden decks will provide a comfortable feeling when stepped on. The ceiling and partitions near the walls are also made of wood with an elongated classic design located right in front of the glass.

The selected wood is certainly not just any wood. The type must have proven water resistance and strength. Such as teak, aloes, or the like. This is a character as well as our professional strengths on this one.

Plants in large and small pots successfully provide “life” as well as fresheners in the corner of the room. Only the dark and light blue pool floors are different from the overall concept and design elements. Strangely, this style does not deviate from the harmonization of the overall design but instead becomes an affirmation of the naturalist effect created by wood with a dominant brown color. Beautiful is not it? Almost all wooden structures are installed vertically.

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