It’s About The Pruning Of A Durian Tree Shape

The pruning of the durian tree is done to facilitate the maintenance of durian plants. Forming trees that open also functions to control disease because it allows the spread of sprays and makes drying easier. If you need some experts to help you prune this kind of tree, we suggest you hire Fresno Tree Removal and pruning service.

As for the plant parts that are going to be pruned, the form with branches and shoots under the main branch, branches with irregular patterns, water buds located in the middle of the canopy, branches that dry after harvesting, branches affected by plant pests.

The procedure for carrying out the pruning forms is as follows:

– Perform pruning (maintenance) on productive age plants on branches or water buds.
– Prune small-angled branches, branches, and twigs that are attacked by pests and diseases, then burn in the space provided.
– Trim branches and twigs that are tight, cross, or hidden / protected.
– Trim the top canopy backward one end of the branch (terminal) of the former fruit is trimmed, in order to maintain the optimal height of the plant (3 m).
– Prune branches and twigs that grow in the canopy or downward.

The principle of pruning shapes is as follows:

– Canopy formation begins to be regulated since the plant is one year old. The main stem can be maintained up to about as high as 70-100 cm. Choose only one main bar. If two main stems are formed, cut one of them. After the main stem reaches 1 m, prune the shoots and allow new shoots and primary branch candidates to grow. Choose 6-10 primary branch candidates whose positions are symmetrical.
– During the growth process, get rid of wild shoots around the branches. Canopy crowns can be convex, such as open umbrellas or pyramids.
– The 2-3 m high tree is the crown of the crown, while the sturdy main stem is 0.7 m long as a buffer.
– Canopy formation is carried out by maintaining one main stem and 10 selected primary branch candidates and plant formation must be done.
– Pruning should be done using pruning shears for twigs and saws on large stems.
– Apply Vaseline, oil paint, or oil on large stems/branches after trimming.

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