New To Skateboard? Check Out Skateboarding Tips For Beginners!

Skateboarding or often called skateboarding is now mushrooming, especially among young people, even children even play kids longboard. The skateboarding game itself doesn’t just play the board. The skaters themselves must have high skills and abilities, especially in terms of dexterity. Many techniques and tricks that will make you amazed and more curious. There are also some techniques resulting from the modification of acrobatic movements.

Despite being a beginner player and only doing a variety of basic movements, but you must have complete skateboarding equipment. Starting from choosing the right and comfortable skateboard, protective helmets, shoes, and elbow and knee protectors.

The first thing you should do is practice standing properly on the skateboard. Here, the balance of the body is very important because the skateboard itself is very slippery and very easy to move and slip. There are two standing techniques that you can choose from, which are regular where the left foot is in front and goofy, the right foot in front.

When you have managed to stand on the board smoothly then the next technique is to start sliding. The trick is to stomp one foot accompanied by movements such as pushing. If your skateboard has started walking, then your feet must be on top again. So that the balance is maintained, you can lean slightly forward. If you feel the speed is lacking, swing and push again using one leg.

Nowadays there are many skateboarding communities. You can join the community and start training with new friends there. The more experience and friends you can get, your skateboarding skills will increase.

Guaranteed, skateboarding can make you more cool and cool. Besides, there are also many other benefits that you can get like having lots of new friends, new experiences, free sports, increasing agility, and many more.

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