Health Benefits Of Watching Movies

Many people enjoy watching movies. Especially if many good films have just aired. But it turns out, behind the thrill of watching a movie, many people don’t know that watching a movie also has various health benefits. Watching movies alone can be done in cinemas or streaming services, such as 123 movies. However, streaming services are now more crowded, check this site.

The following are some of the benefits that you can get and feel while watching a movie:

1. Relieve Fatigue
The film offers an exciting storyline with the addition of awesome scenes that make you able to forget the fatigue you experienced that day. Especially if you watch a movie with a comfortable atmosphere. From this fresh mind, it will be easier to get a healthy soul. So, it will also be easier for you to stay physically fit.

2. Give Inspiration
You can get inspiration by watching the right films. This is felt by many people. Especially those engaged in the creative industry. The world of film is a world of expression. Therefore, many things that are unthinkable in real life, are contained first in the film. Furthermore, you can apply it again in the real world.

3. Health Therapy or Cinematherapy
As the name implies, cinematherapy is a health therapy that is carried out by watching films. Although for some people this is still quite foreign, this therapy has begun to run and can indeed be applied. This therapy is usually done for patients who feel frustrated, depressed, or experience other mood disorders. By running this therapy, complaints such as stress can be reduced.

4. Increase Awareness
Some films are made with a specific purpose. For example, to convey a moral message that is important for the audience. For example, some films are deliberately made to make people more aware of the dangers of promiscuity. Films like this are made as entertainment and also deliver messages to the public.

5. Motivate Yourself
There are many ways you can do to restore your spirits. One of them by watching a movie. If you’re feeling down, you can choose a movie story with genres such as drama, action, adventure, family, and so on.

Concentration Is Important In Speaking Test

Preparing for the b1 level english test is a challenge for most people. This test is usually used as one of the main requirements to be able to pass the citizenship application. Besides, the cost of taking this test is arguably not cheap. Some people will usually study excessively to pass this test, so the effects can be exactly the opposite. However, the most important thing to remember the b1 test booking because you have to at least book for the test 3 days in advance.

Studying tooth and nail in preparing for the test is not a good thing. The human brain can process a lot of information at one time. If someone forces him to memorize all the rules of writing, vocabulary, and hundreds of definitions of English, the brain will feel confused. So the best way is to familiarize yourself with a variety of English vocabulary. The materials that are tested in the b1 test are speaking that consists of discussion and conversation. Listen to the questions from the examiner carefully before answering. Don’t answer questions if you aren’t sure what to answer. Don’t hesitate to ask testers to ask questions. Be confident, relax and do your best. Don’t panic if you don’t know the words you will talk about for everything. Don’t let your concentration be disturbed, start talking about something else. Don’t panic if your mind is blank and don’t know what you are going to say again. Stop for a moment, take a deep breath and start talking again.

In the speaking exam, you may be asked to discuss the topic and give your opinion. Think about your opinion before starting the discussion. Say what you think about the topic given and explain why you think so. Make sure you know the sentences used to agree and disagree. Be polite if you don’t agree. Ask your discussion partner what they think. Finish the discussion by giving a summary of what was said. Don’t just give your own opinion, but also respond to the opinions of your discussion partners. Don’t worry if you disagree with the opinion of your discussion partner. Don’t talk about things that are not relevant to the topic. Don’t stop talking in discussions.