Possession Can Be Related To Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative disorders are conditions when you lose body awareness, sensing, and control. That is, dissociative disorders occur when you cannot control your thoughts and behavior, and it is called possession by many people. There are many dissociative disorders: multiple personality, dissociative amnesia, dissociative fugue, and others. However, if you truly have a feeling that your possession problem is caused by demons or evil spirits, we suggest you try to remove black magic in your body.

Well, there is one section that specifically explains about possessed. In the world of psychology, possession is called trance and possession disorder. Trance is a possession that is characterized by the emergence of surrogate body controllers, such as spirits, gods, demons, animals, or immovable objects. Simply put: disruption in possession occurs when your mind and behavior are controlled by a “spirit”.

However, not all possessed arguably interference. For example, possessed when playing some dances or rituals. That’s not a problem. The thing is, it is a cultural mystical ritual. The culprit was possessed because he was willing to be possessed. The trance that occurs without our will, it can only be said possession disorder.

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