Stairlift Is The Best Option For Accessible Home

Maybe you don’t realize that home can be the most dangerous place for some people? If you live with parents who are elderly or people with special needs (such as using a wheelchair), a home that looks comfortable can be a threat to them. Therefore, it is very important to see if your house is equipped with functional supporting tools for them to be able to access the entire house easily? The main danger that challenges them is the stairs. Especially for those who already use tools such as wheelchairs, or canes, it will be very risky for them. The solution that can be chosen to overcome the stairs obstacles in the house can be divided into four types, namely: ramp, stairclimber, the Stairlifts in Birmingham UK, and an inclined platform lift.

Each solution has advantages and disadvantages of each, which we will discuss further to create home-friendly accessibility for the elderly or disabled people who are comfortable. The most economical and practical solution is a ramp because it only needs to be placed in the stair area, lightweight and practical so it is easy to carry anywhere. But you must be more careful in choosing the type of ramp because there are various kinds of ramps with different widths and lengths. Next is the stairclimber, is a tool that can help users to be able to climb stairs with a tool that can climb each step slowly with the power of the machine. In contrast to ramps, where the caregiver is needed to push, the caregiver only needs to aim and push the button to go up or down.

This solution is practical if you have a lot of stairs so that with just one tool, it can accommodate friendly home accessibility for the elderly, no need to use a ramp for each household ladder you have. The price of this stairclimber is between the ramp and the stairlift. The optimal solution that can facilitate the elderly in independently passing through the stairs is the stairlift obstacle. This solution can be mounted on the stairs of your house whether it’s straight, or turning. We can install the railing neatly on either the left or right side of the stairs of your house. As for the solution of the inclined platform lift, it is more appropriate if the user cannot move independently, which must remain in his wheelchair. So with this tool, the following wheelchair with the user sitting on it can access up / downstairs with the platform.

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