Stop Blaming Yourself

You may have seen the best Ayahuasca Retreats that offer physical and mental health care for everyone. This treatment is indeed needed by many people, especially for people who often feel very useless and often blame themselves when making mistakes. Making mistakes is already a natural thing experienced by every human being. What needs to be avoided is to continue to regret and repeat the same mistake. That will not make everything better. We never realize that if we keep thinking about the mistakes we have made, it will have a negative impact on our mental and mental health.

Here are a series of regrets that you have to throw away to better enjoy the day.

Small error
If you continue to learn to understand all the small and big mistakes made by others, why not try to compromise and do the same thing for yourself? Mistakes are not the end of everything because mistakes are inherent in everyone.

Other People’s Strengths Are Not Your Lack
Each individual must have their advantages in certain fields. Don’t blame yourself when others have achieved certain achievements while you have not. Always give your best, and keep in mind, you and others have different faces, styles, and lives, why should you insist on having the same abilities?

Your needs
don’t blame yourself if you have more need to perfect work, love, and other aspects of life while other people feel that it’s not important.

When You Have “Guilty Pleasure”
When enjoying a relaxing time watching your favorite TV series and being accompanied by a box of ice cream and unhealthy snacks for you to be happy and forget about stress, why is that wrong? Give yourself pleasure is important.

Your past
You must apply, every waking up in the morning is a new experience that must be lived without the distraction of the shadows of the past. Create a spirit that is always new and you are ready to face everything in plain sight.

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