Teach Children The Importance Of Bees

Without special space to play, various toys and children’s items can be scattered in every corner of the house. This can make the room seem untidy and cluttered. However, with the playroom, this impression can be minimized. This is because all toys and items have been collected in one place, even parents only need to close the door if they do not want guests to see toys that may not be well ordered in the room. However, the room could also be a space to learn about the importance of bees with Use My Bee. The lively color of this decoration will get children’s attention and their curiosity to learn about bees.

This one insect is identical to the color yellow and black. Besides, bees are also known as honey-producing insects. Although often described as an adorable animal in cartoons, bees are largely avoided because they can sting. Even the sting can endanger some people who have excessive allergies to bee stings. You could help children understand why some time ago scientists established bees as the most important living creature on Earth and that human life also depends on the population of bees. Unfortunately, some bee species are on the list of endangered animals, where research shows a rapid global decline in bee populations.

According to the Greenpeace report, around 60 to 90 percent of the food we eat requires pollinating help from bees. This includes various types of fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts, which we often consume every day. This fact indicates if the biological wealth on Earth will go down as the population of bees decreases. It can also cause another greater impact. For example, if plant A is increasingly scarce, its eating animals will also be reduced. A real example is the almond plant which relies on pollination to produce almonds. If there are no bees, there is also no sign of almonds, meaning there are also no cows or chickens. We automatically will also lack food ingredients, such as meat, milk, and other products. This is just one of many food ecosystems that are affected by bee populations. Because of this, children must begin to pay attention to the environment so that the bee population is not diminishing and has an impact on life on Earth.

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