These 3 Mistakes Of Gold Jewelry Investment

Since ancient times, gold investment has always been the choice of many people. Especially if sold when the price goes up, you can profit. Besides, now gold is also more easily owned. Plus, gold prices tend to be more stable and can withstand inflation figures. That’s what makes gold a favorite investment choice for many people. You can also draw up a financial plan in old age by buying gold from the top gold IRA company

Unfortunately, not a few people who often make mistakes when investing in gold, especially gold jewelry. Therefore, so as not to suffer the same fate, you need to avoid several common mistakes when investing in precious metals in the form of jewelry. What are those mistakes? Here are three of them.

1. Choose white gold
When you want to buy gold jewelry, of course, you will be offered two types of gold jewelry, namely white gold, and yellow gold. Unfortunately, many people choose white gold because they think that yellow gold does not make it look beautiful.

This is one of the reasons why gold jewelry cannot be used as an investment tool. Because there are still many people who think that gold jewelry can not only function as an investment but also to support the appearance.

In addition to the more expensive price, the selling price of white gold is also less stable when compared to yellow gold. Especially for you who want a long-term investment. Because it’s recommended for you who want to make gold jewelry as an investment, it’s better to choose yellow gold.

2. Not checking the purchase receipt
If you buy gold bars, you will get a certificate that tells the level of gold purity, weight, dimensions, and serial code. But the serial code is usually for pieces of gold up to 10 grams.

Meanwhile, if you buy gold jewelry, you will generally only get gold and also payment receipts from the store. Generally what is written on the receipt is the type of gold jewelry, grade, and price.

Then what about the authenticity of the carat content and weight? gold in the form of jewelry is the result of mixing with other metals, such as silver and copper.

Try to check your gold receipt payment for your jewelry, is it written what mix with what percentage level? Of course not? That is why gold jewelry is very difficult to judge.

3. Not caring for and storing properly
Gold jewelry is generally the result of a mixture of other metals. So, you must routinely “wash” so that the quality is still good and the color does not fade. You certainly have to prepare extra funds to take care so that your jewelry is always sparkling.

Because of the mixture results, it will be more easily scratched at risk. So, if you are not smart enough to take care of it, what is the quality of the gold is reduced, and when it is sold the price will fall.

Meanwhile, to keep the quality good, you must routinely perform maintenance. Though the intention is to invest to increase wealth, yes. If that’s the case, it’s you who has spent money.

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