This Is How To Live With Your Toddler In A Condo Safely

Currently, living in a condo is one of the residential solutions in urban areas. The condo does have its own advantages that should be taken into consideration, such as in terms of facilities, strategic location, and price. However, there are some families who hesitate to live in condos, especially those who have children under five. Child safety is one of the considerations. Living in a condo is different from staying at home. There we live with many people and live at a height which is quite dangerous. Therefore, there are some risks that must be realized. We also recommend you choose the Landmark condo if you want to live in a relatively safe condo unit.

Now, if you are considering living in a condo or if you have lived there, here are tips for keeping your toddler safe:

Always lock the condo door

The first safety tip if you live in a condo is to make sure the main door is always locked. This is to prevent the child from coming out alone when you are not watching.

Also, make sure the key does not hang in the keyhole so the child does not open the door himself. You can also install additional keys in high places that cannot be reached by children.

Not only the main door, but you also need to make sure the balcony door is locked tightly. Don’t let children play on the balcony alone!

Put additional security in the window

The window is one of the areas to look out for when you live in a condo. The reason is you live at a height that is quite dangerous.

If the window of your condo can be opened, make sure the window is locked and it cannot be opened easily. You can also install additional safeguards so that nothing unexpected happens. If you worry about height, we suggest you buy the lower floor units from the Landmark condo.

Don’t let your toddler play in the aisle of the condo alone

Space in the condo is limited. No wonder children feel bored because they cannot run around. However, do not let children play in the aisles of the condo alone. This is because living in a condo means living with someone else you don’t know.

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